AnnQuinette “Toni” Hendricks

Office Manager

Toni has been working with Kidzone Dental as the Office Manager for one year. She has 25 years of dental experience. She enjoys working with children as well as adults. Toni moved to the Houston area in 2010 from Sacramento, California where she spent time working in the dental insurance industry at Delta Dental. Her strong dental background allows her to communicate with patients regarding all aspects of dentistry from billing questions to treatment advice. She has been one of the asset to the practice growth.

Misti D. Aguirre

Dental Assistant

Working at Kidzone with Dr. Yar Khan and Dr. McGown is such an amazing experience for me. I am a dental assistant, and I am able to work with all ages of patients. To me, this is a really gratifying experience, and I enjoy every moment. Working with children is my favorite part of my job. I love to see children walk out of Kidzone after a treatment has been done—to know I was a part of their treatment is really special and endearing to me.

Through the years of being a dental assistant, I have grown really fond of a lot of my patients, especially the children. Children are the reason why I entered the dental field in the first place. Although at times it can be a little hectic treating children, I find it a really gratifying part of my job. Just knowing at the end of the day I did my job is an amazing accomplishment for me.

Ruma Mukherjee

Registered Dental Assistant

Working at Kidzone Dental for the past years as a registered dental assistant has been a good experience for me. Working with children is simply awesome! And I would to continue in the pediatric field in the future. I am very proud to be part of Dr. Yar Khan and Dr. McGown’s amazing staff. We all synchronize our work very well to help each other out in every way possible.

Ruma is origionally from Calcutta, India, and has been in the dental field for the past 20 years. In addition to being a dental assistant she is also a qualified dental surgeon in India. She graduated from Dr. R. Ahmed Dental College and Hospital, Calcutta, India in 1982. In her spare time, Ruma likes to spend time with her family, husband B. R. Dey and friends. She also enjoys hobbies such as listening to music, gardening and watching movies.

Jenny Thykattu

Registered Dental Assistant

Jenny has been working at Kidzone Dental for the past month. She loves kids and loves working in the dental field. She enjoys working with Dr. McGown and Dr. Yar Khan. She feels they are very knowledgeable and says it makes coming to the dentist a great experience for kids. Jenny is 23 years old and plans to apply to dental hygiene school next fall. She is originally from Chicago, IL and misses it terribly, but Houston is definitely growing on her and is enjoying the weather. She loves to watch movies, travel and be with her dogs, Morkie and Sammy, who are the love of her life.