Dr Kavan A Gandhi

Dr Kavan A Gandhi


Dr. Gandhi is Texas Licensed dentist. After finishing his dental Degree, Dr. Gandhi chose to specialize in. Radiology. Along with his 1-year internship in India, his residency of 30 months has made him provide evidence based medical and dental care with focus on disease prevention, quality and value for patients from last 15 years.

Education, Professional certifications, Professional accomplishments

  • Government Dental College India-2008
  • University of Florida- 2022

Dental Services you provide/ Specialize in/ Enjoy providing to our patients

  • Preventative: X-rays, sealants, Fluoride, oral.
  • Restorative – Crown, Bridge, Fillings
  • Emergency- Extraction, RCT
  • Kids- Crowns, Fillings, Pulpotomy

Provide something personal about yourself, Hobby, pets, family…

I enjoy playing Guitar, Listen to music. Love spending time with my 5-year-old son and my beautiful wife. Play sports with my friends like volleyball and tennis. Avid motorcycle fan.

What is your motto?

“I believe behind every gray-shaded pixel (Radiology), I see a patient with colorful personality