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Emergency Care

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Emergency Dental Care in Missouri City and Houston, Texas

Situations which could be considered dental emergencies are sudden tooth ache, trauma, facial swelling due to persistent infection (e.g. Ludwig’s angina and cellulitis) and very loose tooth in an infant or a toddler with fear of aspirating the tooth in the lungs, etc. First aid measures in cases of trauma to the teeth depend on whether the tooth is a baby tooth or a permanent tooth. If it is a permanent tooth, then it may be prudent to call our office and let us know the details of the injury (usually to the doctor on call) who may direct you to come over to the office.

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If the permanent tooth has fallen out of the mouth, then the best domestic way to preserve the tooth is to put it in cold whole milk. Do not try to clean or scrub it as this action may cause injury to the living cells on the root surface. Ideally when this happens, it is best to replace the tooth back into its socket and see our doctor as early as possible.

emergency dental care near me

If you anticipate that there could have been a remote chance that the injury has caused some internal trauma to head or neck or nay internal organ of the body, the priority should be to get that evaluated first and therefore it is advised to go to the nearest emergency room as soon as possible. Some of the signs of such trauma are bleeding from the nose, ear and back of the mouth, black eye, pain in the ear, neck, head and eye, any dizziness, uneasiness, nausea, vomitting or unconciousness. There are other signs too which could be suggestive of internal injury and therefore without slightest hesitation, emergency room visit is the best option when you suspect that.

Emergency Dental Care Near Me

More often than not, when a permanent tooth is traumatized, the tooth becomes dead over time and may need root canal treatments.to maintain it in the mouth and prevent its loss.

In case of any dental emergency for your child, please immediately contact our office at 281-499-3275 and you will be put in touch directly with Dr. Yar Khan.

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