Dental Sealants


As we grow old, along with our bodies, our teeth also begin to wear down naturally. This especially happens to the surface of our rear molars. To keep our teeth protected from this natural wear, dentists of Dental Sealants in Missouri City can use a simple dental procedure called a dental sealant.

Dental Sealants in Missouri City explain Dental sealants are thin, tooth-colored plastic or acrylic coatings placed by dentists in the decayed biting surfaces of the front and back teeth called pits and fissures to fill them thus creating a smooth surface, which is easy to clean. It is these pits and fissures which are most vulnerable to tooth decay because food and bacteria stick in them and because they are hard-to-clean areas.

Dental Sealants

This sealant is designed to fill pits or cracks in the surface of the tooth, sealing them from further tooth decay. More than 75% of dental decay begins in these deep grooves. The process of sealant application takes only a couple of minutes per tooth and is easily applied by your dentist.

The application of dental sealant isn’t limited to aging people alone, in fact, Dental Sealants are majorly used in children who are at higher risk of tooth decay, and are usually placed as soon as the adult molar teeth come through.

The process

According to Dental Sealants in Missouri City A special solution is applied to the enamel surface to help the sealant bond to the teeth. Sealant material is carefully painted onto the enamel surface to cover the deep grooves or depressions.  Depending on the type of sealant used, the material will either harden automatically or with a special curing light.

While sealants need to be checked for wear and chipping regularly, they actually protect teeth from decay. USA Dental can perform this cosmetic procedure at any of our dental centers, located across Houston.

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